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New i-Drive® Curved Array

May 21, 2019 - i-Drive new curved ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit that allows for natural reach of head switches. Our head arrays offer superior configuration and driving experience.

i2i Case Study with Caleb

by Cari Dixon

Background Information: Caleb is a 35 month old male with a diagnosis of congenital CMV. He is a relatively healthy child, but does suffer from chronic respiratory infections, occasionally requiring supplemental oxygen. Other diagnoses include: seizu … Read More →
Tone Deflector

by Amy Morgan PT, ATP

NOTE: This product is often (and best) provided in combination with the Dynamic Backrest Mounting Hardware. Product Name: Tone Deflector (for headrest) Manufacturer: Stealth Products, Inc. Description: This option serves tw … Read More →
Positioning: Reducible vs. Non-Reducible Asymmetries

by Michelle Hoad

In the world of wheelchair seating and positioning, we do not have a single consensus of what a neutral seated posture looks like. The seated posture is also influenced by the task at hand. We sit very differently if we are typing at our desk vs. wat … Read More →
Keeping Things Aligned and Preventing Breakage – the Tone Deflector

by Michelle Hoad

Kylie is a young adult who has cerebral palsy. She has used a power wheelchair and speech generating device from a very young age. She loves the theatre! Kylie has high muscle tone and has a history of breaking items on her manual and power wheelchai … Read More →
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