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ADI Mobility Accessories
i-Drive Alternative Drive Control System
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Stealth Positioning Posture and Pelvic Support
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Comfort+ Headrest System
New i-Drive® Curved Array

May 21, 2019 - i-Drive new curved ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit that allows for natural reach of head switches. Our head arrays offer superior configuration and driving experience.

The New Stealth® Cushions Essence

February 06, 2019 - The Essence originally designed by Stealth Products for Canada customers is now available for all markets targeted for individual looking for comfort and proper positioning.

i2i Case Study with Caleb

by Cari Dixon

Background Information: Caleb is a 35 month old male with a diagnosis of congenital CMV. He is a relatively healthy child, but does suffer from chronic respiratory infections, occasionally requiring supplemental oxygen. Other diagnoses include: seizu … Read More →
Tone Deflector

by Amy Morgan PT, ATP

NOTE: This product is often (and best) provided in combination with the Dynamic Backrest Mounting Hardware. Product Name: Tone Deflector (for headrest) Manufacturer: Stealth Products, Inc. Description: This option serves tw … Read More →
Positioning: Reducible vs. Non-Reducible Asymmetries

by Michelle Hoad

In the world of wheelchair seating and positioning, we do not have a single consensus of what a neutral seated posture looks like. The seated posture is also influenced by the task at hand. We sit very differently if we are typing at our desk vs. wat … Read More →
Keeping Things Aligned and Preventing Breakage – the Tone Deflector

by Michelle Hoad

Kylie is a young adult who has cerebral palsy. She has used a power wheelchair and speech generating device from a very young age. She loves the theatre! Kylie has high muscle tone and has a history of breaking items on her manual and power wheelchai … Read More →
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