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How to Use

Show documents by type
In the left column, select a document type and a list of documents will show up in the content section.
Show documents by folder
Above the content a list of categories or directories will be displayed, click/tap one and a list of documents assigned to that directory will show.
Show documents by search
Search documents using the search bar in the left sidebar. Documents will be searched by tag or description content. Matches closes to your search will show first.
Creating Presets
Click/Tap on topic for help tips
Adding a Folder vs Creating New Preset
Create your own folders or your own preset of folders with ease. Securely safe in your browser
Add documents to folder
You can customize your own folder with the documents you want.
Icons Reference

Document Actions

Open document in new tab
Direct file download

Add Folder Actions

Add document to preset (Folder List)
Document listed on preset (Folder List)
Add items to a list
Help prompt - Hints