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Solutions for today, tomorrow, and for life!Lorenzo Romero, President of Stealth Products discusses the current state of affairs and future products development.00:01:25
Loonz Game "Changing the Game"Announcing the launch of the i-Drive LOONZ video game! Available on the AppleĀ® AppStore. Designed in association with Trident Technologies to work with the i-Drive 4.0, the i-Drive LOONZ game provides fun for the child playing while allowing a driving assessment tool for the therapist or parent.00:00:53
iDrive 4 Programming APPHere Gabriel reviews the new programming APP from iDrive.00:24:31
Improvements to the TWB480 FDMStealth Products Ryan Cavender reviews the improvements made to the TWB480 FDM00:04:18
Pressure vs Non Pressure SwitchesHere we discuss the difference between fiber optic/proximity/ mechanical switches. Tips on using them in the field!00:13:53
Mushroom JoystickIDrive 4.000:05:21
I-Drive Assessment TipsHere we discuss the new features of i-Drive 4.000:05:03
i-Drive 4.0 LaunchLaunch of i-Drive 4.0 our newest Alternative Drive Control System.00:06:37
ADI Quick Release HardwareADI Quick Release Review00:02:02
Head Positioning with Michelle Lange Part 2In this video Michelle reviews positioning tips with the i2i Headrest00:02:28
Head Positioning With Michelle LangeIn this video Michelle reviews positioning tips with the Ultra Headrest00:03:34
Stealth Products Presents on the ADI Disc BrakesDylan Springfield presents on the ADI Disc Brakes00:03:28
Stealth Products Tarta TrainingDylan Springfield reviews the new Tarta back.00:06:22
Stealth Products VBS Episode 5Here we review the Stealth Products Mini Trays.00:02:09
Stealth Products VBS Episode 4 Movis Power Chin BoomIn this video Dylan goes over the function of the Movis Power Chin Boom.00:04:59
Stealth Products Eblast PreviewWe are excited to start offering more education to our wonderful customer base. Thank you for your continued support!00:01:08
Stealth Products Video Blog Series Episode 3Gabriel Romero Introduces the Mo-Vis power swing-away chin boom.00:02:29
Mark Scott PMG Conference IDCHMark Scott demonstrates the new i-Drive Control Harness at the PMG Conference 2016 Birmingham UK00:05:07
Stealth Products Video Blog Series Episode 2Mark Scott with Stealth Products demonstrates the new iDrive Control Harness00:10:45
Stealth Products Video Blog Series Episode 1Introduction to Stealth Products Video Blogs00:02:40
Stealth Products Alternative Drive Control HarnessWe are excited to introduce our new joystick drive control harness looking forward to your feedback.00:01:06
Stealth Products introduces Tarta Original.We were looking for a new idea. We were looking for freedom. We found Tarta. An ergonomic backrest, created with the experience of posture professionals with an eye for design and avant-garde materials. Everyone can benefit from this innovative solutions.00:03:17
Tarta... Coming Soon!A quick look at the upcoming addition to the Stealth Products Back Series.00:01:26
What is i DriveIntroduction to i-Drive Family00:04:49
The RED HOT Stealth Products team cools offIn direct response to the challenge sent out by Quantum Rehab, the Stealth team decides to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge "TEXAS style". #ALSIceBucketChallenge #IceBucketChallenge #StrikeOutALS00:02:09
Stealth Products iDrive Head ControlStealth Products is proud to introduce the New i-Drive Head Control System. In this Video you will learn more about the programming capabilities. Call Stealth @ 1-800-965-9229 or Email @ info@stealthproducts.com00:19:05
Ipad MountIn this video we will review our New IPad Mount TWB260-Ipad00:04:51
New Medial Pad HardwareIn this video we will review our New Medial Pad Hardware00:04:30
Tone DeflectorIn this video we will review our Tone Deflector.00:10:55
Stealth Products Foam In PlaceIn this video we will review our Foam in Place System on our New Back Five00:11:21
Stealth Power Tilts on Manual Tilt chairIn this video we will review our Power Tilt Add-on for Manual Tilt Chairs00:01:43
Technical Info Set screw on LinksIn this video we will review how to adjust a TWB-Link.00:05:10
Installing the Double Scoli StrapWe show in this video how to install the Double Scoli Strap onto the Lightning Mobility Base00:02:18
Installation of SwingawayWe show in this video how to install a Swing-Away on to our Headrest pads00:02:14
Stealth Products i2i technical informationi2i removal with client in chair also how to place the i2i on a client.00:01:57
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